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The Muddy Puddle

Pet Resources for Everyone

Thank you for stopping by The Muddy Puddle. Pet resources for everyone. ~Cherie~


Welcome to The Muddy Puddle


This website has been around since 2007 to help pet parents, rescuers and organizations find resources that may be helpful to them.

The site started out being a resource site targeting Lane County Oregon only. In 2012 a move across the country prompted me to expand my resources.

The Spay/Neuter assistance section is very important to help combat pet overpopulation. Spay/Neuter assistance not only helps the overpopulation problem but it also helps pet parents be more responsible in the number of pets they can realistically care for. 

The Lost and Found Pets section gives tips on helping get pets back to their pet parents safely. I have also included links to some of the websites that may be helpful in posting lost or found pets. For Lane County Oregon residents I do have a Facebook Page for Lost and Found Pets of Lane County Oregon.

The Medical Bills Assistance section will hopefully be useful to help alleviate some stress in times of a medical crisis for pet parents. Some of the programs are area specific but some are national.

Pet Food Help is an area that may help keep pets at home instead of being taken to a shelter. If you find yourself in a bit of a stretch to feed your pet, check out that section to see if there is a pet pantry or program that could help you out.

There are sections for pet rescue organizations find volunteers or other resources that may help get pets transported to a new home or a better area to be adopted.

I will continue to expand on what I have to offer here on the website as I find new resources. If you find this website helpful please consider a donation.


Thank you for stopping by!