My letter to Richard.



Dear Richard,

I’ve never done this before and I can’t do it for all of the adoptable animals out there but for some reason I am compelled to write you this letter.

The first time I saw your picture I immediately felt that I wanted you and needed you. You were lost at the time and I have no idea why it hit me so hard. I looked for you.. I did. I watched the groups to see if there were any sightings and to see what progress was going on and then I’d go when I knew nobody else was out there looking.

I can’t walk a lot but I can drive. So I’m sorry if I freaked people out driving around so slow but I didn’t care. I have no idea why I was so driven to find you. When the announcement came that you were found, I cried uncontrollably. I knew that you were safe once again.

I’m following your story in the rescue groups. I’m continuously looking you up and staring at your pictures. I want you …. but I can’t have you.

I’m sorry. I wish I could take you into my arms and tell you that you’re finally home. I wish that I could give you all of the love that I feel for you but I have to hope that there is someone out there who hasn’t seen you yet and that’s why you don’t have a home.

I have a lot of fears and one of them is to go out of my home alone. I had to… I just had to and I finally did. I came to see you finally to show you that you do have someone watching you.

All I could do is put my fingers through the holes and cry. Thank you for coming to comfort me you were my savior at that moment. You are everything I thought you’d be and I can’t have you.

I’ve had FIV kitties in my home before. I know what you have to offer. I know that you are no different than any other indoor kitty.

As you went back to your corner to lay down my heart broke the rest of the way. I wanted to scoop you up and say… no more, tonight you will sleep in your forever home. And I couldn’t do that, for that I am sorry.

Some day Richard… I promise you, some day… I will be able to for another.

Richard is at the Eugene Petco waiting for his furrever home. He is being adopted through West Coast Dog and Cat. You can find Richard’s profile on Petfinder.


P.S. I was so happy to hear you have been adopted Richard. Enjoy a long, healthy and happy life in your furrrever home. <3

Permission Granted



We are driven by numbers in our life. What is the last of your social security? What is your birth dated? Think about how many things we are identified by numbers.

We are taught we have to be at the top, we have to have it all, we have to be everything… to measure your success, your resume must be impressive and you must wave it in everyone’s face so that you can show how superior you are…

Oops… started off on a tangent there. Anyway numbers… I figured it out.

Looking at the Insights for a page on Facebook I see where the adrenaline can get a person going. To see “your numbers” better than last week is a rush. It’s a huge boost to the pride… it’s AMAZING… ok I started to go there.

So I understand part of the issues with competition. But I’m here to say the most important number in Rescue is 1.

One life saved is better than 0
One pet getting home is better than 0
One volunteer to reach out to a struggling pet parent to help them find a way to keep their pet is better than 0
One share is better than 0

I had to give myself permission to be human and not a super hero. I had to give myself the following permissions (I have more but this sums it up well I feel).

I am here to only compete with myself.
I am one person and can not save them all.
I have to allow others the same passion for rescue in whatever way that is for them.
I will make mistakes along the way just as I do in other areas of my life. As long as I learn from those mistakes and improve then nobody can tell me I didn’t do enough or I didn’t do it “right”.
What others may see as the way to do things may not be the same as mine, that’s OK.
If I give my thoughts, ideas, experiences and knowledge freely then nobody can steal that from me and everyone will know when they do. :)

Please sit and think for a few moments and ask yourself …..what permission do I need to give myself for doing the best that I can for being only one person in a world that has so many in need?

If you need permission from someone else… I am here to give that to you. What do you need?
You have permission to be human :) That should cover it.

Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you’re not doing enough or that you’re not doing it right. Did you do everything in your power to help save a life? Great!!!

Did it not go as planned and you didn’t save a life? You did your best and we’re all supposed to be in this together. Some are not able to be saved for whatever reason that happened AT THAT MOMENT that was out of your control. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Hold on to the experience and learn from it. Then wipe off the tears, breathe in a big breath and then go on to the next one. This will never stop, you’ll have plenty of chances to help another.

Put the cape in the closet, it gets in the way.